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About Us

LEGALWISE is an innovative legal firm led by experienced barristers and attorneys-at-law. Our top priority is the SUCCESS of our Clients, regardless of the meaning this word connotes to them. It can be either conclusion of profitable transaction, successful legal proceedings or efficient implementation of new procedures in the company. Each time we strive for full cooperation and enjoy the fruits of SUCCESS which becomes our own. We believe that the best way of achieving SUCCESS of both individual and corporateClients are client-tailored services, and full understanding of their business needs, supported by the high level of expertise on our site.


In our work we are driven by dynamic and proactive attitude, as well as full commitment to each case entrusted to us. On the daily basis we are consistent, investigative, but still open- and keen-minded, therefore, we are not afraid to cross borders or use unconventional solutions. What is distinctive about our work is also communicative openness, which brings us closer to our Clients, their needs and expectations.