One of our key expertise is the enforcement of economic receivables and the compensation for material and non-material damages.

1Recovery of economic receivables
We are fully aware of problematic nature of payment backlogs in companies and the importance of taking quick and effective enforcement actions. Therefore, we offer our clients comprehensive debt collection services, which are highly effective, and characterized by creative and individual approach to each case and full transparency of the activities carried out.

As part of the remuneration models for debt collection activities available, our firm also offer cost-free debt collection, meaning that costs related to debt collection are borne by the debtor (including the commission-based part of our remuneration)..

We support clients in all stages of debt recovery:

1)) Amicable Settlement Stage

The aim of the amicable stage is a recovery of debt without the need to initiate court proceedings. This stage is crucial for our team as fast debt recovery acts for the benefit of the Clients and saves them from costs connected with further stages of debt collection. During this stage we reach the debtor using all possible ways, we:
  • conduct written correspondence with debtors,
  • try to contact by phone or e-mail,
  • use other was of communication (e.g. Messenger, WhatsApp),
  • in justified cases we conduct on-site activities at the debtor's place of residence or business activity.
The amicable stage ends either with the recovery of the entire amount of debt or a recommendation to initiate litigation due to the inability to recover the debt amicably within a time-frame satisfactory to the Client.

2)Court proceedings

If the creditor decides to initiate a litigation, we immediately file a claim for payment to the court. Time is crucial here and determines our prompt implementation of this stage to prevent any layoffs in debt collection activities.

Our team carefully selects the optimal court path for the creditor by filing a claim for payment which is the most favorable for the creditor:
  • ordinary proceedings,
  • writ-of-payment proceedings,
  • enforcement proceedings,
  • summary procedures,
  • Electronic writ-of-payment proceedings,
  • European Enforcement Procedure.
If the legal grounds are enough, we file for claim collateral, on behalf of our clients, which secures the debtor's assets before the dispute is legally resolved, hindering the debtor from getting rid of the assets, resulting in ineffective execution. Implementing such a solution significantly increases the effectiveness of the debt collection activities carried out.

3) The enforcement stage

If the judgement in force has been issued but the debtor evades the payment of the amount due, we initiate enforcement proceeding, in which we are supported only by trusted and effective court bailiffs. Throughout the whole enforcement proceedings our combined team act actively and by pursuing updated information on state of the proceedings can determine the debtor's assets and recover the debt as soon as possible.

4) Bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings

If a debtor declares bankruptcy or restructuring of the company, our team aims to debt submission and its recovery during the enforcement proceedings.

5)Legal forms of debt collateral

Additionally, in order to protect the interests of our clients, before the debt arises, we advise on and draw up legal forms of debt collateral, including, but not limited to: promissory notes (including blank promissory notes), surety statements, declarations of voluntary submission to enforcement in the form of a notarial deed, debt assignment agreement, pledge and registered pledge agreement, agreement on the transfer of ownership, mortgage on real estate.
2Claims for damages and compensation
LEGALWISE is a law firm which can help you to recover adequate damages or compensation due to economic or non-economic loss if the Insurance company refuses to pay or significantly lowers the amount of compensation. We also engage in recourse claims pursued by insurance companies (including typical and non-typical kind of recourse) and represent the aggrieved parties both at the amicable stage, striving to conclude a settlement favorable to clients, and during the court proceedings. Our aim is to obtain the highest possible amount of damages or compensation and we often succeed, as our advantage over the competition is not only extensive experience in pursuing claims on behalf of injured parties, but also insurance companies in hundreds of damages proceedings. This knowledge and experience allow our team to customize procedural strategy used thus optimizing the debt recovery process.

On behalf of our clients we pursue all legal claims for damages due to:
  • economic loss,
  • personal injury,
  • pain and suffering,
  • or a disability pension due to loss of earning capacity, increased needs or reduced prospects of future success.
As part of this practice, we mainly deal with the damages due to:
  • economic loss – occurs primarily as a result of fortuitous events, such as flooding, fires, theft, or strong wind,
  • personal injury – suffered during collisions and traffic accidents, claimed under third party insurance, motor own damages insurance and accident insurance, including replacement vehicle rental costs,
  • damages suffered as a result of an accident at work or on the way to or from work
  • damages related to running a business (business insurance),
  • damages resulting from medical errors..
Do not hesitate to contact us. Remember that time is money and we know what’s at stake! Our experts are available whenever they’re needed. UMÓW SPOTKANIE The first consultation is free of charge and aims at providing you with possible ways of settling the claim. Our experts will explain all the details and present the offer of conducting the case by our Law Firm, considering your needs and financial possibilities.