Our leading field of expertise are dispute resolution and litigations. The team has extensive experience of representing business entities and natural persons in complex and interconnected court, arbitration and administrative proceedings. We are here to defend the interests of our clients in common courts of all instances, the Supreme Court, administrative bodies, administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, and the Constitutional Tribunal.

We believe that even the most complicated case can be won with the appropriate approach, involving reliable and objective assessment of the legal situation of our client. Such an extensive insight determines the negotiations baseline, the strategy of actions taken, as well as the possible litigation strategy. There is no doubt that disputes are a part of each business, however, it is important to seek for amicable settlement or mediation whenever possible. Keeping a cool head during mediation is not always feasible, therefore, entrusting it to professionals allows you to control your emotions and focus only on the substantive issues related to the source of the dispute, which de facto increases a chance of reaching an agreement.
However, if amicable solution on terms and conditions satisfactory to our client, is not possible, we pursue the case in judicial or administrative proceedings. What is distinctive about us is not only our extensive and comprehensive preparation, but also individual approach to each case and the highest substantive