Most of the companies present on the market nowadays operates in the form of commercial law companies, which has many advantages, e.g. limits the liability of investors, or creates more possibilities of obtaining financing, thus, making them more competitive on the market.

In LEGALWISE we believe that professional legal advice in the field of company law can be a key factor determining the success or failure of a planned or implemented business enterprise.

We provide our Clients, including companies, members of corporate bodies as well as partners and shareholders, with comprehensive corporate services both during creation and transformation stages as well as winding-up. Our team is ready to provide support in all aspects of daily operation of the company by drawing-up resolutions of legislative bodies or filing all required applications to the National Court Register.
We have gained our experience during long-term cooperation with many leading business entities; therefore, we perfectly understand the business needs of our clients and are able to help in achieving the intended goal even for the most demanding projects.

In the scope of commercial law companies support we offer the following services:
  • companies set-up, both in Poland and abroad, depending on Client’s preferences, company type and field od business activity,
  • transformation – we help to change the existing companies into another commercial company,
  • winding up of companies,
  • legal services for acquisitions and mergers of companies, including due diligence, drawing-up of all required resolutions and applications,
  • drawing-up of resolutions for companies' legislative bodies, including those related to changes in company governing bodies, or the increase or decrease of the share capital,
  • representation during all court proceedings and hearings, including appeal filed by any of the party,
  • legal advice on the purchase and sale of shares and stocks,
  • creating consortia,
  • advice on the sale of an organized part of the enterprise,
  • minutes of meetings and resolutions of company bodies.
In addition, we represent business entities in corporate disputes:
  • related to appealing against resolutions adopted at shareholders' meetings or at general meetings (both claims for the annulment of resolutions contrary to the articles of association or good practice and detrimental to the interests of the company or aimed at harming a shareholder or shareholder, as well as actions for the annulment of resolutions contrary to law),
  • over the exclusion of a partner and dissolution of the company,
  • over claims related to the liability of management board members for the obligations of a limited liability company,
  • related to claims for damages against members of the company's governing bodies for damages caused in connection with the performance of their functions, ,
  • regarding violation of the non-competition clause,
  • between partners in partnerships.