Nowadays running a business is a great challenge, thus at LEGALWISE we focus primarily on legal services for entrepreneurs, giving them full legal support in all aspects of business operations. Undoubtedly, securing the legal aspects of the business is of key importance for achieving economic success. If you entrust us with your legal issues you can fully focus on developing your business, and our team will take care of the rest.

Professional legal advice consists in recognizing the specific legal provisions, and various risks related to industry in which a given economic entity operates, thus personalized and client-tailored services, supported by the expertise of the lawyers play such an important role in business legal services. At LEGALWISE, we have extensive experience mainly in the following industries: construction, architectural, financial, insurance, automotive, medical, transport and freight forwarding, e-commerce, industrial, manufacturing and commercial sectors (including retail and FMCG).
As part of the ongoing service for entrepreneurs, we provide the following:
1Drawing-up and negotiation of economic contracts

Concluding all types of contracts is a part of everyday activities for almost all entrepreneurs. However, only solid and proper preparation of the legal side of a transaction is a key to success, therefore, in our comprehensive legal help we highlight our support for the entrepreneurs during negotiating and finalizing contracts.

Our dedicated team is always creative, accurate, reliable, and has an excellent understanding of business needs when drawing up a contract for the Client. We strive to arrange the legal relationship between the parties to secure their interests to the highest possible extent, regardless of which party we represent. We achieve the success due to our searching identification of real business needs and the use of proven solutions. Moreover, during concluding the contract, we are close to our clients and share the results of our work on an ongoing basis, which allows us to fully reflect all expectations in the contract and avoid potential misunderstandings. We talk to our clients using simple, understandable language, explain all ambiguities and break down more complicated legal issues into factors, so that our clients always consciously decide on the content of the legal relationship and contractual clauses in accordance with their best interests.

As part of transactional services, we support clients at all stages of the contracting process and:

  • provide support in business negotiations,
  • prepare the transaction structure and determine the scope of the necessary transaction documentation,
  • draw up all the required documentation, including the main contract,
  • negotiate legal terms of the contract,
  • help in finalizing the contract, and keep watch and ward over the required form of contract conclusion,
  • provide legal assistance during contract performance, especially compliance of the actions taken with the provisions of the contract and the law, we also verify whether a given action or omission constituted a breach of the contract,
  • resolve any disputes arising from the performance of the contract.
2 Providing legal advice and opinions as well as drawing up of complex legal memoranda in all aspects of business activity.

Each entrepreneur, on everyday basis, faces many challenges and is forced to make difficult decisions, which should always be preceded by a profound legal analysis. Therefore, our people are always at your disposal to answer any questions or ambiguities regarding daily operating activities. Depending on the complexity of a given case, we provide legal advice and opinions in the form of telephone or e-mail consultations. However, if the case is more complex and of strategic importance, we draw up legal opinions in form of extensive memoranda, with in-depth legal analysis in regards to all aspects of the case, submitted to a client in writing with the signatures of the legal team members involved in the case.
Legal consultations, by its nature, are complex enough, therefore, we pay special attention to clarity of the message. Our legal opinions are precise, understandable, and contain conclusions and recommendations on further steps. We avoid confusing wording and phrase clear conclusions and recommendations.

3Compliance services

Nowadays each branch of industry is characterized by specific legal-business environment, mainly due to constant legal changes of law introduced both by Polish and European legislators, which may significantly hinder running a business and result in imposing severe sanctions on entrepreneurs who have not managed to implement the changes. Here is our solution - Compliance service, which in simple words, consists in ensuring the compliance of the company's operations with the law provisions, allowing entrepreneurs to focus solely on the business aspects of their activities, and leaving the legal issues to us.

Our Compliance service consists of:

  • conducting a legal audit (due diligence) of an economic entity, which aims at identification of risks and determination of improvement areas. Due diligence may concern the enterprise as a whole or be limited to a specific field of activity (e.g. personal data protection, employment law, corporate governance, intellectual property law or tax law),
  • drawing up and implementation of all documentation required to ensure the compliance of the company's operations with generally applicable regulations, including the drawing up and implementation of new contracts, regulations, standards, procedures or policies,
  • management and staff trainings aimed at optimizing the process of implementing new regulations in the company's structures, constant review of law changes, especially of legal regulations for a given industry, combined with direct communication with the Client on planned and already introduced changes, and way of their implementation to avoid negative impact of law changes on the business.
4Preparation of legal documentation related to the nature of business activity, such as regulations, procedures, internal acts

Our services also include the preparation of all internal documentation required in the given industry, such as regulations and procedures. As far as corporate business entities are concerned proper development and implementation of regulations and procedures is of crucial importance and is a prerequisite to achieve maximum effectiveness in management area. .